Cleaning Tips

Our Cleaning Tips


Hardwood floors provide a clean and healthy environment and are easy to maintain. To keep your hardwood floors looking new follow these simple procedures


  • Protect your floors with throw rugs, doormats and floor D-fenders- they will prevent scratches and wear.
  • Vacuum, dust mop or sweep regularly-grit and small rocks, especially where there is heavy traffic, may damage your wood floor finish.
  • Occasionally use a damp cloth in a Bona Kemi cleaning solution diluted with warm water to remove spills, food or mud.
  • Recoat your floor when the original finish is showing signs of wear but before it has worn down to the bare wood.
  • Regulate the heating in your home to maintain more consistent moisture content in the wood flooring, which will prevent cracks.

Do not

  • Wax the bottom of chair legs or other furniture
  • Use duct tape to protect your wood floors
  • Use Murphy’s oil soap or any other oil soap
  • Use paste wax or any other wax
  • Use silicone based polishes
  • Use Fantastic, Formula 409 or other solvent based cleaners
  • Use Pine Sol
  • Use Ammonia
  • Use vinegar and water